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Stacey Gillis, DVM

Mobile Veterinary Care for Pets


Experienced, Compassionate veterinary care for your pets in their own home.




Recommended yearly to keep your fur family healthy and catch any issues before they can be a problem.

All pets are different and one size does not fit all when it comes to preventative care. We discuss any concerns you have and go over our physical exam findings and make recommendations for vaccinations, preventative care products, nutrition, and ways to help your pet live his or her best life.



We offer routine surgical procedures such as spay and neutering as well as general surgery for more complex procedures. Some minor procedures can be performed in the field while larger surgical procedures needing general anesthesia are done in our surgery suite in our Loomis facility.  Our licensed and very experienced technicians monitor your pet carefully during any surgical procedure.



We offer full-service diagnostic testing including general and dental X-ray, Ultrasound, and Blood testing both in the field and through our full-service laboratory, and a full range of tests available through any general veterinary practice.



Mobile service offers the best options for pets that are very young and susceptible to infections that bringing them out to a veterinary clinic may expose them to as well as more senior pets that may have a difficult time climbing in and out of a car. Pets that are often stressed in a hospital environment can be much more comfortable in their own space.



Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy keeps your pet healthy!

We offer full dentistry services including dental X-rays, ultrasonic scaling and polishing, and extractions when needed. We have licensed and very experienced registered veterinary technicians monitoring your pet during anesthesia. Dentistry requires inhalant anesthesia and is done in our Loomis facility

Kitten and Dog smiling

Why Use A Mobile Veterinarian

You want the best for your pet but it can be stressful and challenging to pack them into a car and into the stressful environment of a clinic, especially with the current curb-side situation over the past year. As a mobile veterinarian, we come to you to provide the highest quality care in a calmer home environment. The practice is well equipped to manage general wellness and preventative care from puppies and kittens to geriatric pets as well as urgent care issues, minor procedures, and when necessary home euthanasia.

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